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Nisarga Add-on

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Nisarga Add-on

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7 ratings

Nisarga add-on is a Mega Library of Nature assets, and a one-stop solution for 3D artists who need, realistic nature assets in their scene, nisarga add-on covers everything Trees, Grass, Weeds, Flowers, Shrubs, Pots, etc. with top quality assets that you can use anywhere you want.

Free trial costs you 1$ because the marketplace does not support uploading larger files than 250MB for free.


Unprecedented Quality

Unprecedented detailed assets, with faster performance, to keep you on the next step everywhere, to keep you on the next step everywhere, when it comes to nature renders, or architectural renders. We have covered you all. You can even use these assets for camera close-up shots for your professional projects.

Extraordinary detail

Easy User interface

Nisarga add-on comes with an easy-to-understand and responsive interface that helps you manage the great asset library.

The panel comes in with a categories dropdown to distribute assets in the most convenient and accessible way, Nisarga comes with 14 categories:

  • Bonsai
  • Bushes
  • Coniferous
  • Desert
  • Evergreen
  • Flowers
  • Grass
  • Marine
  • Miscellaneous
  • Palms
  • Pots
  • Succulents
  • Trees
  • Vegetation

Upon choosing a category you will see respective assets, with fast and responsive previews.

We have also Provided a support panel, so that, you can directly ask for help from us, or view the documentation.


Nature is random, and to add randomness, the Random Transform feature is introduced, Using this you can add an extra bit of realism, to your scene by rotating and scaling the assets randomly.

If you want to reset the random transformations, you can do it very easily by clicking on the button, just below it, and this will undo the random rotation and scale.

Snap to Ground

Immediately snap the asset to the ground, as nobody likes their asset flying in the air, as it looks weird and that's why we have added this feature. Using this you can directly snap the selected asset to the ground beneath it.

Add Asset at Center/Cursor

You can change the default phenomena of adding an asset on the origin point to a particular location by switching to the cursor. while you are on cursor mode, place the cursor at your choice of location, and then click on the Add Nisarga asset and the newly placed asset will be added at the cursor's location. and if you are in the center mode, No matter where your cursor is, the asset will be added to the World origin.

Faster Viewport performance and rendering

All the Assets are linked in a way such that you can have maximum viewport performance, with a higher number of assets, and also the materials and textures are optimized for faster rendering while maintaining the quality and detail.

Check updates

Check for updates in the preferences in a single click with all the new features available in the new version!

Scatter system

With the release of Nisarga V2, we have released Geometry Nodes based scatter system, which opens a wide variety of possibilities.

Nisarga's scatter system has a very simple and intuitive user interface, which lets you easily scatter all nisarga assets across the terrain.

Scatter system features

Randomize scatter

Randomize all the scattered assets in terms of position, rotation, and scale in just a single click with the "Randomize" button.

Viewport display optimizations

'Viewport display optimization' is the most important thing for a scatter system, and thus we introduced several solutions for this like Viewport display density and Bounding box display for scattering systems.

Viewport display density

Bounding box display for scatter system


Lock scatter systems

Wind animation

Geometry nodes-based procedural wind animation system helps your nature scenes look more realistic.

Three Versions:

Assets -

Bushes - Click here

Coniferous - Click here

Flowers - Click here

Grass - Click here

Desert - Click here

Pots - Click here

Succulents - Click here

Tropical - Click here

Marine - Click here

Trees - Click here

Vegetation - Click here

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